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Women after the War
This booklet was intended to provide information and spark debate about the changing place of women in society as a result of the Second World War.

Knitting for Victory
This craft book included a long list of women's war charities in Canada, and patterns for every conceivable garment for men and women in uniform, as well as "practical styles for war victims."

What to Wear in an Air Raid
Reminding women that the enemy "has no consideration for the safety of civilians," this booklet (sponsored by Orient Beauti-Skin Hosiery) provided instruction on how to keep the family and home safe against enemy air attack - including advice on what…

Being a careful shopper
This modest pamphlet, published in Saint John, New Brunswick, was one of many that combined advertising with tips for women on how to cope with wartime shortages.

Keeping an eye on prices
To combat inflation during the Second World War, the federal government imposed controls on wages and prices. These booklets were distributed widely to women so they could keep track of prices while shopping; stores that appeared to be charging above…

1943 Revue
Four ensembles, the Originals, the London Life Troupers, the Tweedsmuir Revue, and the London Little Theatre, performed to entertain men and women in uniform and raise funds for the Citizens Auxiliary War Services Committee.

The Maritime Cook Book: "The first line of defense lies in the kitchen"
Originally intended to commemorate the Royal Visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Canada in 1939, the book was not published until after the Second World War began. Among the contributors were Lady Tweedsmuir and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Economy Recipes for Canada's Housoldiers
Everything was militarized during the Second World War, including the household economy. Women became "housoldiers" whose job was to prepare "appetizing and nourishing meals that protect and preserve the health of their families."

Victory Loan Drive for $750,000,000 Opens Monday / We will push on to Victory! Nothing Matters Now But Victory. Buy the New Victory Bonds.
This poster depicts a large dagger, the symbol of the 3rd Victory Loan campaign, as well as a group of men and women looking upwards.

She's in There Fighting, Too :  eight victory loan drive.
Inscription: in the print, c.: She's in there fighting, too; l.c.: INVEST IN THE BEST / Buy VICTORY BONDS; l.r.: 8-16; l.r.: NATIONAL WAR FINANCE COMMITTEE (Partial Transcription)
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