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Fort William pipe band 1.jpg
This image of the women's pipe band was given to veterans in Fort William, Ontario, as they returned from service during the Second World War.

To the homes of Canada.pdf
Speaking to the women who controlled four out of every five dollars spent in Canada, Charlotte Whitton explained inflation, price controls, and the power that women could exercise to help with the war.

Recruiting poster for military service

Active Service Revue 1943_0.pdf
Four ensembles, the Originals, the London Life Troupers, the Tweedsmuir Revue, and the London Little Theatre, performed to entertain men and women in uniform and raise funds for the Citizens Auxiliary War Services Committee.

A Most Important Feature

Marjorie Stuart Ashdown (nee Scotland) was born in East Vancouver in 1920. Photo taken in Foncie in 1936.

An unidentified member of the Canadian Women’s Army Corps (C.W.A.C.), England, 19 July 1944.

Oral History with Anna Dundas, RCAF-WD.

Another Call to Women

By 1943, the growing size of the armed forces threatened to deplete human resources in essential industries such as agriculture and industry, leading to vigorous recruitment drives in each sector. Equating female agricultural workers and riveters…
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